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Software for safer, more efficient worksites

Focus FS helps energy companies improve worksite health and safety and achieve operational excellence.

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energy sector infrastructure

Save time and resources through streamlined equipment management

Asset Inspections

Complete faster and more accurate inspections with standardized digital forms, accessible on any mobile device.

Tool Crib Security

Eliminate paperwork and achieve better accountability through tool check in/out tracking.

Reduce risk and promote a culture of safety across worksites

Behaviour-Based Safety

Drive better safety outcomes through a proven observational approach, identifying and quickly addressing areas for improvement.

Training Management

Ensure team members always have the training and certifications they need to safely respond to incidents.

Get connected for better operational awareness and productivity

Personnel Tracking

Monitor personnel traffic across worksites to ensure safety and efficiency.

Device Integration

Connect wirelessly with devices and systems onsite to update sensor readings and more in real time.

Why Focus FS?

All-in-One Safety Platform

The comprehensive Focus FS software-as-a-service platform has integrated solutions for health and safety, incidents, equipment and more.

Innovative Partners

We’ve collaborated with industry leaders, including DMC Mining Services, to innovate and develop software solutions that continually improve health and safety performances.

Distributed by Dräger

Dräger, an international leader in the fields of medical and safety technology, became a partner and investor in Focus FS in 2019.

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