Solutions for Pandemic Response

COVID-19 return-to-work software solution

Focus FS helps you respond to pandemic-related risks and continue operations as safely as possible.

Save time and reduce exposure risks through digital pre-screening and health tracking

Intuitive Forms

Streamlined self-assessments and symptom monitoring for employees returning to work.

Smart Dashboards

Easily monitor key indicators across worksites in real-time, tracking trends and managing corrective actions.

Automate inspections and manage inventory to ensure safety guidelines are being followed

PPE Management

Track PPE and other equipment usage, location and inventory levels to ensure teams always have what they need.

Inspection Tracking

Standardize and streamline inspections with intuitive forms and automated notifications and reports.

Enhance safety culture with digital forms, checklists and protocols

Sanitization Control

Ensure work areas are regularly cleaned according to policy with scheduling, standardized forms and notifications.

Training Management

Track learning and certifications to ensure everyone has the training they need to safely return to work.

Feature Highlights

Form builder

Create your own forms with our powerful, easy-to-use drag-and-drop tool, and map them to workflows.

Business intelligence

Use your personalized dashboard to analyze data trends, get notifications and predict issues before they occur.

Powerful reporting

Our flexible report builder enables you to share critical information in the precise format you need.

Interactive maps

Pinpoint the exact location of assets and equipment for inspections.

Automated workflows

Standardized, automated workflows and processes enable accuracy and consistency in data, actions and reporting.

Audit trails

Keep detailed logs of which users create or update any records in the system.

Role-based permissions

Users only get access based on customizable permission levels, everything from the company and project level down to modules and reports.

Access anywhere

Focus FS is a progressive web application, meaning you can access it through all supported browsers on almost any device.

Product Overview

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Modules Included

Health, Safety and Environment

Intuitive HSE reporting tools, featuring flexible forms, performance tracking, corrective action management and more.

Incident and Event Management

Comprehensive incident and event reporting tool with corrective actions and analysis to assist post-incident investigations.

Equipment Safety

Streamline inspections and maintenance, conduct asset verification and ensure better tool crib security.

Training Matrix Management

Track learning and certifications for employees, ensuring everyone on your worksite has the training they need.

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