Innovative software for efficient LUX meter reporting

Wirelessly connect with devices and get real-time data for more efficient operations.

Real-time reporting anywhere onsite

Device integration

Wirelessly connect with LUX meters to save time and collect readings instantly.

Mobile design

Access Focus FS on any device, speeding up reporting in the field.

Secure and manage equipment usage across sites

Device security

Eliminate paperwork and achieve better accountability through check in/out tracking for meters and other equipment.

Asset history

View detailed inspection, maintenance and location records for every asset.


Access anywhere

Focus FS is a progressive web application, meaning you can access it through all supported browsers on almost any device.

Secure cloud hosting

Our software-as-a-service model allows for a convenient, reliable and cost-effective hosting solution on secure data centres.

Automated workflows

Standardized, automated workflows and processes enable accuracy and consistency in data, actions and reporting.

Role-based permissions

Users only get access based on customizable permission levels, everything from the company and project level down to modules and reports.

Audit trails

Keep detailed logs of which users create or update any records in the system.

Third-party integration

We’re continuously adding new devices that communicate with our software, including those from our partners at Dräger.


Translation-ready for a range of languages.

Data privacy

We work to ensure your data is stored safely and securely in accordance with relevant data privacy legislation.

Product Overview

Learn more about the flexibility and key features of our platform.

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Modules Included

Equipment Safety

Streamline inspections and maintenance, conduct asset verification and ensure better tool crib security.

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