Equipment Safety Module

Asset Management Solutions for Mining

All-in-one software to manage the safety and productivity of your assets and equipment.

Streamline asset maintenance and security

Everything you need to ensure assets and equipment are accounted for and well maintained.

Maximize availability

Asset History

Get a complete view of the utilization, servicing history and more details for every asset on site to increase uptime.

Equipment Tracking

Enhance accountability with an automated digital check-in/out system for tools and other equipment.

Save time and resources

Audits and Inspections

Customize digital forms to fit your needs, and easily complete anywhere on your mobile device.

Reduced Costs

Track and schedule maintenance more efficiently and extend asset lifespan and uptime.

Streamline data collection

Cloud-based Data

Gather information from anywhere and keep critical documents in your secure cloud environment.

Device Integration

Wirelessly connect with scanners, devices and other systems to efficiently gather data all in one place.

Manage more efficiently

Inventory Control

Monitor inventory levels, even when you're offsite, and know when to re-order and avoid shortages.

Analytics and Reporting

Customizable dashboards and automated reporting enables you to identify and correct issues faster.

Why Focus FS?

All-in-One Safety Platform

Emergency Response is part of the comprehensive Focus FS software-as-a-service platform, with integrated solutions for health and safety, incidents, equipment and more.

Innovative Partners

We’ve worked with industry leaders, like Ontario Mine Rescue, to innovate and develop software solutions that rise above real world challenges.

Distributed by Dräger

Dräger, an international leader in the fields of medical and safety technology, became a partner and investor in Focus FS in 2019.

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