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With Focus FS, you get more than just paperless versions of your existing processes - you find the insights you need to run safer, smarter operations. Easily manage health and safety actions and incidents, communicate with rescue personnel, track locations during muster events, and more.

Latest News

Focus FS announces investment from Germany-based company Dräger

St. John's, NL -  Dräger Safety AG & Co. KGaA has acquired a stake in Focus Field Solutions Inc., a leading provider of industrial safety solutions based in St. John’s,...

Our Platform

From an intuitive mobile app to advanced analytics dashboards on the web, Focus FS software is built with industry experts to help you succeed everywhere.


Enjoy the flexibility and reliability of our cloud-based SaaS solutions.

Mobile App

Access and interact with your data anywhere on your mobile device.

Dashboards and Reports

Get a comprehensive view of your worksite operations, with custom reports and performance indicators.


Easily choose and combine multiple modules to create the solution you need.

System Integration

Connect with your existing systems, including ERPs, safety devices and more.

Offline Mode

Underground? Disconnected? Focus FS works offline, syncing data whenever you reconnect.

Health, Safety & Corrective Actions

Empower your employees to be accountable, engaged and, most importantly, safer than ever.

Mine Rescue

A revolutionary emergency response system enabling digital communication, developed in partnership with Ontario Mine Rescue.


An innovative Personnel-on-Board (PoB) system that enables real-time location tracking for faster, safer muster events.

Select, customize, connect.

Focus FS software is modular and fit-for-purpose, allowing you to build a solution that perfectly fits the needs of your organization.

Health, Safety & Corrective Actions

Real-time reporting and analytics at a Worker, Supervisor, Worksite, and Organization-wide level.

Incidents and Events

Complete incident investigation management for your worksite, including reporting, documentation tracking and reviewer feedback capture.

Asset Inspections & Verification

Complete inspection forms with photos and digital signatures while capturing corrective actions and maintenance plans.


Request, approve, and manage the movement of goods across the supply chain.

Mine Rescue

Digital communication between surface and underground staff, developed specifically for mine operations.


Locate personnel in real-time and digitally account for workers during a muster event.

Start building your connected worksite

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