Subscription Plans

With a Focus FS SaaS subscription plan, we take care of your software and data so you can focus on putting safety first. Our plans are designed to help you keep costs under control and to budget efficiently. You don’t have to worry about counting users or how much data you are storing — we allow for unlimited users and unlimited storage.

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Recurring Benefits of Annual License Subscription

Software Access
With unlimited users across your worksite.

Cloud Infrastructure
All the benefits of a secure, global cloud infrastructure.

Software Support
Help Centre access with knowledge base, tutorials, training and FAQs.

Customer Success Manager
Guides and nurtures you through your journey to value realization, with regular check-in.

Maintenance and Upgrades
Regular software enhancements with release notes.

Unlimited Data Storage
Use as much data as you need for your worksite (ex, forms).

Company Branding
We’ll add your company logo to the software environment and any forms.

IOT: RFID, Barcode and Smart Tag Device Integration
Connect your equipment to Focus FS for an added layer of convenience.

World-Class Onboarding Experience

Dedicated Deployment and Customer Success manager
To handle everything you need from Focus FS to get up and running.

We’ll make sure you feel ready to take over, or train your team.

Custom Integrations and Forms
The system will be set up to support your existing SOPs, so you can get right to work.

Strategy and Best Practices Guidance
We’ll share what’s working best for our other customers so you can enjoy the same success.

Customer Success

Customer Success - Support

Included with your annual software subscription: online portal serving self-guided resources such as user guides, training and FAQs; online technical support; quarterly coaching and check-ups.

Customer Success - Onboarding

One time fee Included with your initial software subscription includes personalized expertise to help you get up and running faster with design expertise, best practices, and training using out-of-box functionality.

Customer Success - Extended Support

Personalized to fit your needs, including custom-designed support offerings adapted to your specific requirements linking options for 24/7 support, expert coaching, and technical account managers.

Professional Services

Enhanced Resources

Outside of the typical services included in each plan, we’re available when you have additional needs. This includes specialized training, custom development, hardware management, consulting, custom third party integrations, and more.

Insightful Workshops

Digitizing complex programs and processes can quickly become messy without proper guidance. Our customer workshops evaluate your existing workflows to identify pain points and areas for improvement, helping you find solutions that perfectly match your business needs.

Long-term Strategies

We remain committed to working with you, even as your business evolves and expands. Our dedicated support team can coach you throughout project lifecycles; provide triaging support right when you need it; and offer advice on new integrations and development processes.

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Contact us to discuss your current strategies and find out how our solutions are improving health and safety at companies like yours.

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