Turnarounds and Shutdowns Use Case

Stay safe.
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Focus FS simplifies turnarounds and shutdowns with an innovative software solution that streamlines reporting, personnel tracking and equipment management.

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Streamline projects to save time and resources

Protect workers’ health and safety while ensuring your projects are promptly completed and within budget.

Digitally manage check-in/out of rental equipment onsite

Remote Monitoring

Oversee who is responsible for each piece of equipment; continuously keep track of equipment flow.

Inventory Control

Immediately know what equipment is available or gone missing to mitigate any delays or shortages.

Ensure equipment is always in stock and ready for deployment

Record Keeping

Optimize record-keeping for efficient replacement ordering/manufacturing; quickly spot potential conflicts.

Cloud-based Reporting

Speedy cloud-based reporting for quick turnarounds or short-notice demands; easily share with authorized personnel.

Enhance equipment inspections for improved safety and productivity

Equipment Adminstration

Promptly identify which items need maintenance, confirm when repair work is complete.

Status Updates

Increase and enhance status updates to prevent damaged or broken equipment from making it onsite.

Why Focus FS?

All-in-One Safety Platform

The comprehensive Focus FS software-as-a-service platform has integrated solutions for health and safety, incidents, equipment and more.

Innovative Partners

We’ve collaborated with industry leaders, including DMC Mining Services, to innovate and develop software solutions that continually improve health and safety performances.

Partnered with Dräger

Dräger, an international leader in the fields of medical and safety technology, became a partner and investor in Focus FS in 2019.

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