Incident and Event Management Use Case

Streamlined Incident and Event Management

Comprehensive software to record, track, investigate, and manage incidents and events.

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Develop better safety processes

Conduct detailed investigations to improve safety outcomes and enhance risk management.

Coordinate workflows

Open Communications

Facilitate investigations and information gathering, then share findings with authorized personnel.

Cloud-based Data

Keep all documentation in one secured location for easy access and legal record keeping.

Consistent data collection

Digital Forms

Create or customize forms, then complete and send from the field on a mobile device.

Interactive Data

Easily collect and store photos, notes and other information for enhanced reporting and analytics.

Strong leadership

Flash Reports

Quickly start the investigation process with the click of a button, then promptly notify key personnel.

Digital Signatures

Ensure accountability with required digital signatures, along with option to add individual notes to reports.

Promote safety culture

Strong Analytics

Monitor performances and get detailed insights to identify root causes and trends.

Safety Outcomes

Meet or surpass safety goals with effective corrective and preventative action management.

Why Focus FS?

All-in-One Safety Platform

The comprehensive Focus FS software-as-a-service platform has integrated solutions for health and safety, incidents, equipment and more.

Innovative Partners

We’ve worked with industry leaders, like Ontario Mine Rescue, to innovate and develop software solutions that rise above real world challenges.

Partnered with Dräger

Dräger, an international leader in the fields of medical and safety technology, became a partner and investor in Focus FS in 2019.

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