Improving Through Innovation: Focus FS and DMC

November 12, 2020

Focus FS has been partnering with DMC Mining Services, one of North America’s leading underground contractors, for the past five years.

Nate Thompson, DMC’s Director of HSEC (Health, Safety, Environment and Communities), recently published an article discussing how Focus FS has helped them in their aim to continually improve health and safety performances.

“We use Focus FS software at all of our worksites. It’s ideal for health and safety assurance at the supervisor level – every supervisor is equipped with a ruggedized tablet that runs the software, which is used to accomplish and record mandatory safety assurance activities electronically, instead of completing them on paper. Information is logged into the tablet and sent over network connections when they’re available, which means the system can work in mines that aren’t fully networked too.

We now have an extra layer of insight into operations which is very useful for reporting. When we tell clients about our commitment to safety, we have detailed data to back our claims. If there are any issues, we know about them more quickly than we did with paperwork.”

Focus FS is proud to partner with DMC and we look forward to continue building on our shared successes.

Read the full article here: Improving Through Innovation

(Photo courtesy DMC Mining Services)

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