10 Questions to Ask When Evaluating Your Software

April 11, 2023

When it comes to managing the many aspects of an industrial worksite, the right software system can be an invaluable resource.

From increasing productivity and keeping workers safe to reducing costs and staying organized, innovative software can help you streamline and improve your entire operation.

How do you know if your current software system (or combination of systems) helps you meet safety targets and business goals? While you should regularly evaluate your software, this task can seem overwhelming – especially if you’ve never done it before.

To make your evaluation easier, we’ve compiled a list of questions to help you get started and decide if now’s the time to look for a better software system that meets your operation’s ongoing needs.

  • Is it safety-centred?

Worksites are inherently dangerous, so your software system should help you constantly be aware of what’s going on – including health and safety compliance and equipment management.

  • Is it efficient?

Your software system should help you streamline multiple tasks and processes, and not create additional work managing the system itself or finding workarounds when it fails to meet expectations.

  • Is it cost-effective?

Your software system should enable you and others to do your jobs better instead of slowing you down or wasting resources. It should also be fully operational whether you’re online or offline.

  • Does it have multiple uses?

It’s frustrating and time-consuming trying to manage one software system for a single task, and then another system (or multiple systems) trying to complete other tasks.

  • Is it user-friendly?

All users should be able to log into and use the software with little or no training required, from longstanding workers to new hires. The same goes for frontline crews up through to management.

  • Can it handle your data?

Your software system should have up-to-date security features to safely store and transmit large quantities of data. Data should also be easily retrievable right when you need it.

  • What about analytics?

Sifting through and examining large quantities of data can be relentlessly tedious. Your software system should automatically collect and analyze data and present it on easy-to-read dashboards.

  • Can it scale or integrate?

Your software system might not be able to scale as your operations grow and expand. It also might not integrate with other onsite processes or updated technologies.

  • Is support available?

Just because you’ve finalized a new system purchase, you can’t be cut loose right after. Your software system should offer ongoing support through updated user guides, tutorials, and other help when needed.

  • Is change affordable?

Staying on budget is important. You should consider whether trying to patch or put up with an outdated legacy system is worth more than adopting a dynamic software system that meets all your needs.

Answering these questions as part of a software system review can help you determine if your safety targets and business goals are adequately met – and if a new system can help improve or enhance worksite operations going forward.

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