Choosing the Best Equipment & Asset Management Software

February 1, 2024

Leveraging an advanced safety software solution to manage assets and equipment can strengthen worksite safety and productivity – giving an industrial company a strategic edge in today’s challenging business landscape.

Here are some key elements to look for when selecting the right advanced safety software solution with powerful equipment and asset management capabilities.


  • Inspection Checklists – Customize or update digital checklists to ensure necessary safety procedures and protocols are followed during every asset and equipment inspection. Maintain digital inspection records for future reference.
  • Maintenance Scheduling – Ensure equipment is serviced according to current safety standards with automated scheduling and related tasks. Easily manage preventative maintenance to reduce the risk of equipment breakdowns.
  • Compliance Tracking – Track and manage compliance with regulatory standards; ensure inspections, certifications, and other documentation are up-to-date and securely stored in a single, cloud-based location for digital reporting.
  • Real-time Monitoring – Get up-to-the-minute overviews on equipment condition and usage on intuitive dashboards. Assign and manage preventative or corrective actions to ensure timely completions, whether you’re onsite or offsite.
  • Documentation & Support – Maintain a digital library of safety-related documents that’s accessible on almost any device. Promote safety and accountability with secure and private digital communications.


  • Verification & Tracking – Reliably monitor assets and equipment in real-time to verify their site location and usage. Doing so helps prevent theft and provides data for maintenance planning and management.
  • Downtime Reduction – Mitigate equipment failures and downtime through automated preventative maintenance scheduling. This also helps ensure equipment is readily available for use.
  • Inventory Security – Ensure tools are accounted for and properly stored when not in use through automated tool crib check-ins and check-outs. Remotely track inventory levels to ensure necessary parts are available when needed.
  • Performance Analytics – Automated analytics and related data are viewable on easy-to-read dashboards, helping to assess performances, identify trends, track KPIs, and make data-driven decisions for optimal outcomes.
  • Mobile Reporting – Complete forms, update records, and perform related tasks right in the field with a mobile device. Promptly transmit data with an Internet or network connection (or send when in range or re-connected).
  • Automated Workflows – Reduce manual errors and inefficiencies with automated task assignments and approval processes. Utilize resources effectively with clear views of equipment availability and maintenance scheduling.

An advanced safety software solution plays a significant role in elevating both worksite safety and productivity, especially when it’s designed to handle complex tasks associated with equipment and asset management.

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