Release Notes, February 2024: New Map Admin Features

February 6, 2024

Map administrators rejoice! Our latest software release, Version 2023.3, has several new features to make your jobs easier and more efficient. Highlights include:

  • Map Imports – Upload individual or multiple maps with a simple drag-and-drop method, then quickly review and edit to ensure names, versions, descriptions, and system placement are correct.
  • Map Arrangement – Organize maps into folders and subfolders, making them easier for Emergency Response (ER) teams and other personnel to locate. Name and edit folders to ensure their relevancy to ER teams using the system.
  • Map Preferences – Quickly review and modify existing maps to ensure they remain current. Click on a map to edit vital information, such as a detailed description and version number. Promptly move or delete individual or multiple maps.

  • PIN Protection – Select Emergency Response users can protect a mission with a PIN to prevent unauthorized or unnecessary access. A PIN can also be used to protect sensitive information during an ongoing mission.

Click here to read the entire release notes for Version 2023.3.

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