Strengthen Incident Investigations with Safety Software

January 25, 2024

When a worksite incident occurs – whether it’s an injury, illness, fatality, or near miss – it’s important an employer conducts a thorough investigation to determine root causes and take steps to prevent a similar incident from happening again.

Depending on the jurisdiction or level of seriousness, an incident investigation may be conducted by a safety official or team. It can also involve managers, supervisors, workers, and others who provide their perspective, insight, and knowledge.

Investigators can get weighed down when attempting to gather and analyze relevant data – especially when utilizing paper forms and checklists, notepads and photographs, and other outmoded manual resources.

Upgrading to an advanced safety software solution can vastly improve the entire incident investigation process – from initial reporting to in-depth data collection, root cause analysis, and corrective action management.

Here are some key advantages of selecting an advanced safety software solution that’s right for your company or organization’s incident investigation management.

Detailed Data

Create insightful reports (no coding required) with fill-in answers and checkboxes, digital photos and notes, and digital signatures collected in the field.

Ready to Go

Users should be able to log into and use the solution with little or no training required, whether they’re longstanding employees, new hires, or other personnel.

Real-time Reporting

Access the solution from almost anywhere onsite with a computer or mobile device, then securely transmit completed forms in real-time via the Internet or local network.

Data Security

All data uploaded is safely and securely stored in a single, cloud-based location, accessible only to the internal or external personnel you’ve authorized.

Meaningful Insights

Powerful analytics automatically displayed on intuitive dashboards help investigators precisely identify an incident’s root causes and contributing factors.

Corrective Actions

Assign corrective actions to individual user profiles, then receive notifications when actions are completed or overdue.

Streamlined Management

Keep track of multiple incidents, corrective actions, and related analytics on dashboards that are consistently updated with new information.

Open Communications

Complete detailed investigation reports that can be forwarded directly to stakeholders or governing bodies, complete with findings and recommendations.

Improved Safety Culture

Share investigation results and lessons learned with employees (via online messaging, emails, digital newsletters, etc.) to demonstrate the importance of incident reporting.

Long-term Success

Continue using the solution to track safety metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs), helping to identify and mitigate potential future hazards and risks.

Conducting incident investigations with an advanced safety software solution has many benefits that outshine paper-based reporting, analysis, and corrective action management. In addition to saving time, money, and resources, a robust software solution can also help improve worksite safety and promote a culture of safety over the long term.

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