Using Advanced Analytics to Help Mines Reach Zero Harm

September 2, 2021

Canada’s mining industry is one of the safest in the world. This is a result of a strong commitment to the highest possible health and safety standards, as well as a focus on fostering a positive safety culture across all aspects of mining operations.

The ultimate goal is to reach zero harm, which means developing mines that don’t expose workers or others to serious injuries or fatalities through a system of safety protocols and principles.

In Deloitte’s “Tracking the Trends 2021,” which looks at issues transforming the future of mining, the report’s authors say the mining industry can move closer toward zero harm by embracing a new generation of advanced analytics and artificial intelligence.

“With the right data, analytics can help companies go beyond a simple analysis of past events to identify potential future scenarios that create a higher risk of an incident occurring,” state the report’s authors.

“These predictive models can help prevent safety incidents before they occur.”

One of the sticking points identified in the report involves aggregating the right data. Simply collecting large amounts of data – such as tracking worker injuries and incident frequency rates – is insufficient as it is collected after the fact.

“Companies serious about monitoring conditions to proactively prevent incidents need greater insight into the circumstances and drivers of those incidents,” say the report’s authors.

They say companies must move beyond current practices, such as using disconnected data-collection systems, toward integrated systems that can channel diversified data sets to run advanced predictive models and deliver deeper insights.

“By allowing companies to combine vast amounts of data, rather than viewing each in isolation, an integrated approach can help them uncover hidden patterns of behaviour or conditions that contribute to incidents. At the same time, predictive models can position them to target high-risk operational scenarios and employee groups to intervene before these incidents occur.”

In addition, providing organization-wide access to consistent and reliable data, mature data governance, cross-industry collaboration, and integrated wearable technology can further increase the benefits of predictive safety analytics.

Reaching Your Goals

Focus FS can help you reach your mining operation’s health and safety goals – including zero harm – with our Mine Rescue Solution.

The solution automatically begins collecting data the very second an incident requiring a rescue mission is first reported. Key data and analytics are promptly displayed on intuitive dashboards, allowing for informed and insightful decisions as the rescue mission is launched. Updates can be clearly and quickly communicated between rescue teams and command centre personnel at any point during the mission.

The system’s offline mode lets mine rescue teams access digital maps and other features, as well as record data, on ruggedized mobile devices where there’s spotty or no Internet connection. This data then syncs with the main system when reconnected to the Internet.

Rescue team equipment can be assuredly deployed, as the system provides reliable access to inspection records and other relevant information. Automated equipment check-ins and check-outs make the whole process easy when it’s most needed. Tracking and sharing team oxygen readings also enhance team safety and improve safety data collection.

All mission data is safely stored in a single, cloud-based location – providing authorized personnel with secure access for post-mission reviews and investigations. They can facilitate information gathering with customized forms that can be completed onsite with a mobile device. Debriefing notes and follow-up interviews can also be added to the system.

Our solution processes all incident and mission data to provide powerful analytics and insights to help you identify incident root causes, contributing factors, and potential trends. Follow that up with extensive corrective and preventative action management, and any necessary individual or group training administration.

Final reports, complete with digital signatures, are securely saved in the system for future reference and can be downloaded and sent to regulators or governing bodies.

The Focus FS Mine Rescue Solution can help you mobilize large quantities of data and analytics to achieve your mining operation’s health and safety goals – and ultimately reach zero harm. Contact us today for your customized plan.


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